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About Us

We are a radio station dedicated to playing the music of the 1940s interspersed with radio reports and commentaries of the time.


When storm clouds of war gathered in 1939, the second time in a quarter of a century, the people of Britain faced an uncertain future. As before, music played it's part in bringing people together and providing a jolly good moral boost. 


The music of the decade came in many different styles: variety was certainly the spice of life. American jazz great Ella Fitzgerald and the vocal group The ink Spots entertained the masses, along with home grown song-birds such as Gracie Fields and Anne Shelton. However it was Vera Lynn, the ultimate forces sweetheart, who epitomised the music of the era. 


As we mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, sit back and enjoy the wonderful music of the 1940s. We are here for the year, not just one day.


Until then, and until we meet again,

Fredrick Bassett,




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